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Class 2

CLASS 2 - YEAR 1 and 2

Teacher: Mrs Dart and Mrs Robinson
LSA: Mrs Rice and Miss Sell
Summer Term 2022
'Water All Around' and 'Plants'

Our MTP documents will give full details but here is a brief overview of what we will be learning about:

RE: to explain what 'good news' Jesus brings and what it means to belong to a faith community.

Computing: to create a computer program using algorithms.

History: where the Titanic is on the British timeline and what happened.

Geography: name and locate the 5 oceans.  Study physical and manmade features around the school.

Science: investigate, identify and name common plants.  Observe how seeds and bulbs grow.  Investigate how different objects move when they are pushed or pulled.

PSHE: know how to stay healthy. Know how our bodies and capabilities change over time.

PE: athletics, preparation for sports day, multi-skills and net/racket games.

Music: learn how to play the recorder.

Art: to create a piece of artwork in the style of Van-Gogh.

Spring Term 2022
The Great Fire of London
Our MTP documents listed above give full details but here is a brief overview of what we will be learning about:

RE: to describe how Muslims see God (Allah)

Computing: to use technology safely

History: where the Great Fire of London is on the British timeline and why it is important.

Geography: locate London and Pudding Lane on maps.

Science: identify different materials and their properties.

PSHE: explain the importance of looking after things that belong to ourselves or to others.

PE: to play team ball games - tag rugby; to create a dance based on the Great Fire of London.

Music: to perform reggae and hip-hop style music.
DT: to design and make an emergency vehicle.
Check out our bakery role-play area...
Autumn Term 2021
The MTP documents above gives you all the details but

here are just some of the subjects we will learn about:

- the basic needs of animals

- animal habitats

- locating the world's 7 continents and oceans as well as where animals live

- Henri Rousseau inspired animal artwork

See you on the 8th September.

Mrs Dart and Miss Davey
Vets Role Play

On Friday, the children helped to set up our Vets Role Play Area in the classroom. They will be able to use this to support their learning and have lots of fun! So far they have created animal profiles, identification cards and posters. Some even had time to dress up.
Autumn Term Review
What a busy Autumn term we have had!  We've worked really hard and learnt lots.  One of our favourite activities was the visit we had from the vets. Before the visit, we wrote letters to the vet asking them lots of  questions to help with our animal topic. A vet and a vet nurse came into Class 2 to tell us all about their jobs.  We got to try on gloves, shoe covers, aprons, facemasks and hair-covers.  They brought in lots of animals: a dog, a puppy, a rabbit, a tortoise and a chicken!  The chicken was really funny because he kept trying to get out of his box!!  We used stethoscopes to listen to the dog's heartbeat as well.  After the visit we wrote recounts about what we had done and thank you letters to the vets.
We did lots of story telling to help us with our 'talk for writing' work in English and enjoyed using the text maps to retell texts and then used this to help us write our own stories.  Before Christmas, we even learnt the Nativity story using a text map and then recorded it to share with parents.
We loved using the iPads to explore the 2Paint a Picture tool on 'Purple Mash' in our computing work.  We studied the work of different artists and used the templates on Purple Mash to create our own pictures in the same style. Some of our pieces were really impressive.
Hello Everyone!

If you are starting the new school year in Class 2 - welcome!

If you are joining us in Class 2 again - welcome back!

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to starting back at school in September. We are really looking forward to seeing you all.

Our topic for the Autumn Term will be 'animals'.