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Meet the School Monitoring Councillors

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When the school joined Celtic Cross Education in January 2018 the Governing Body became the School Monitoring Council. The School Monitoring Council is responsible for monitoring the school's overall performance and holding school leaders to account.
To contact the SMC please email the Chair, Faye Emery, at Faye.Emery@celticcross.education

Celtic Cross Education is committed to maintaining the unique nature of all of the schools within the Trust and believes this is best achieved by giving a clear mandate to the School Monitoring Council to be the drivers of school improvement. The Trust gives the SMC the freedoms to focus on the challenge and support for the improvements in teaching and learning and the curriculum by ensuring the synergies of belonging to a MAT allow statutory obligations to be dealt with centrally. This, coupled with the defined role of the senior leaders within each school setting enables the Head of Schools to deal exclusively with the day-to-day management of the individual schools; the burden of Finances, Resources and Personnel issues are dealt with by the CEO and the Central Administrative Team. This freedom gives the leader in the school the maximum time and resources to effectively engage with all stakeholders and manage the schools effectively on a day-to-day basis. With a School Improvement Lead working full-time across the schools, this partnership with SMCs, Headteachers and staff strive to provide the best for every child in the Trust.

The Marhamchurch C of E Primary School School Monitoring Council.
Name Category Responsibilities
Ms Faye Emery Parent 


PP, PE, SEN, English, EYFS, School Council

Mr Darren Hoare Head of School Headteacher
Mr Stuart Renshaw CEO, Celtic Cross Education CEO
Rev. David Barnes Incumbent (ex officio) RE
Mr Rob Corney Foundation


Mrs Kerstin Lewis Foundation

Child Protection/Safeguarding, CiC,


Mr Stuart Colwill Parent 


Key: SEN - Special Educational Needs; CiC - Children in Care; EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage; RE - Religious Education.

Register of relevant Business Interests
Name Business Interest Date noted
Governance roles in other educational institutions
Kerstin Lewis, Mount Kelly College, Tavistock.

Members with children at the school
Members of the Monitoring Council listed below have children at the school;
Stuart Colwill
Faye Emery