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Our Christian Vision & Values

Our vision is at the core of everything we do and underpins our teaching, learning and environment. It helps develop our children spiritually and our school's definition of spirituality is: Reflecting and connecting with something bigger than myself. For example, through our Bible studies and learning, we reflect on how we can develop individually in order to become better neighbours, who treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves and take care of our environment.

Marhamchurch CofE Primary School

Marhamchurch is a welcoming school, which through teamwork provides a caring and safe environment that prepares our children as confident, unique, hardworking, trustworthy and happy citizens.

Through our vision, we provide an education that helps give our pupils the opportunity to celebrate their talents and develop both socially and academically.

As part of the Christian family, we link our vision to key Bible stories, which enables God to guide and support us every step of the way as well as develop a sense of community and belonging for every child regardless of individual backgrounds.

Why RE? What is RE at Marhamchurch CofE Primary School?

RE helps us to explore big questions about life. We find out what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live. RE helps us to make sense of religion and belief. We can reflect on our own and other people's ideas and ways of living.

Why daily acts of collective worship at Marhamchurch CofE Primary School?

Collective Worship is a statutory requirement for all schools in England and Wales. Collective worship is central to the life of our school. It is a time where the whole school community family meet together to learn and reflect, a time to be still, and opportunity to engage and respond.

Collective Worship






The Church Year whole school worship lead by the HoS

Open the book whole school worship

The Church Year whole school worship lead by the church community/Teacher

Singing whole school worship/Class worship

Celebration whole school worship

Mission Statement: Together, we can achieve and succeed with God by our side.

Our mission, as a Church of England School, is to provide an education that gives all pupils the opportunity to develop within a happy, caring and safe environment grounded upon the values of the Christian faith.

Daily worship in school and termly services at St. Marwenne Church are an important part of our Christian Ethos as well as developing a sense of community and belonging for every child. Our Home/School agreement asks parents to support this important aspect of our school life.

Values: Respect, Compassion, Friendship, Forgiveness, Thankfulness and Creativity.

Each half term, we will focus on our mission statement and one value, which have all been linked to a key Bible story. Year on year, the children will develop their understanding of our mission statement, the values and key Bible stories. For example, each half term, the children will reflect on:
  • What our mission statement and each value means to them?
  • How our mission statement, each value and Bible story helps them achieve and succeed?
The table below shows which value and key Bible story we focus on each half term in addition to our mission statement, which links to the key Bible story of Jesus and his disciples feeding the five thousand (Matthew 14.13-21). Here at Marhamchurch, we aim to work together as a team following Jesus' example to feed our children with wisdom, knowledge and skills. We believe that with hard work, compassion in our hearts and a willingness to help each other, each of our individual aspirations are achievable.

Half term

Value focus

Key Bible story

Autumn 1


The Ten Commandments – Exodus 20.1-21

Autumn 2


The Good Samaritan – Luke 10.25-37

Spring 1


Jesus forgives and heals a paralyzed man – Luke 5.17-39

Spring 2


The Prodigal Son – Luke 15.11-32

Summer 1


The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost – Acts 2.1-31

Summer 2


The Creation Story – Genesis 1.1-31

Celtic Cross Education

Mission Statement: Through God's love and lessons we nurture, learn and achieve together.

Values: Wisdom, Resilience, Compassion, Hope and Respect.

Our Celtic Cross Education vision also links to a key Bible story, which is the boy Jesus at the Temple (Luke 2: 41-52).

Fundamental British Values
The Church of England and Diocese of Truro vision for education
RE Intent, Implementation and Impact
RE Rolling Program
Marhamchurch RE Knowledge Organisers