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School Council

A New School Council for a New School Year

Every child in school is invited to represent their class as a school councillor. They need to complete a manifesto; which is named on the back only. These are displayed in class to be read and considered by everyone. The election is a secret ballot and the child's manifesto remains anonymous. This enables the voting to be on what the children hear and believes is the best!

Dates and Details

Meeting dates
  • 27th September (elections by 24th September)
  • W/C 18th October
  • W/C 15th November
  • W/C 6th December
  • W/C 24th January
  • W/C 14th February
  • W/C 14th March
  • W/C 4th April
  • W/C 9th May
  • W/C 13th June
  • W/C 4th July

This year we are working towards Eco Schools awards which is a very exciting venture.
Please find a manifesto for completion below.
Blank Manifesto 2021 - 2022
Our self evaluation for 2020 - 2021. Everyone was invited to share their thoughts.