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School Council

A New School Year 2022-2023
Every child in school is invited to represent their class. They have to complete a manifesto stating why they should be a councillor and what they would like to achieve. Children in Class 5 will represent Class 1 from September and then mentor Class 1 councillors when they have their elections later in the school year. 
As a school we are going to aim to achieve the 'Eco-Schools Green Flag' again.
  • Friday 16th September - manifesto deadline 
  • Week commencing 19th September - elections
  • Week commencing 26th September meeting
  • Week commencing 17th October  meeting
  • Week commencing 21st November meeting
  • Week commencing 5th December meeting
  • Week commencing 9th January meeting
  • Week commencing 6th February meeting
  • Week commencing 8th March meeting
  • Week commencing 17th April meeting
  • Week commencing 15th May meeting
  • Week commencing 12th June meeting
  • Week commencing 10th July meeting
Evaluation of the Year 2021/22
At the end of every academic year the whole school community is invited to complete a survey. This is done to ensure school council develops and grows. Any necessary actions will be taken.
JULY 2022 
We officially are an 'eco-school'. School council has been awarded the Keep Britain Tidy Green Flag Eco-Schools award. This is just the start! Please see a copy below of the report we have received.

Congratulations On Passing Your Eco-Schools Green Flag!

The Eco-Schools Team



Fantastic work!


We are very pleased to tell you that you and your Eco-Committee at Marhamchurch Primary School have been awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag.


We reviewed your application and noted the following:



We love your democratic and fair approach to appointing Eco-Committee members. It’s great to see that other pupils played a part in selections. Your meeting minutes are really conclusive and professional. They demonstrate a very proactive, assured and conclusive approach to the programme. It was really impressive to see! It was also terrific to see how these minutes are shared throughout the school. You have a really inclusive approach to your Eco-Schools work which is amazing.


We love that pupils have defined roles and responsibilities within your Eco-Committee. It’s very reflective of professional environments and great experience for later life.


Your Environmental Review is incredibly in depth and has clearly taken much effort. This is great work! The content is really specific and gives really clear guidance on practical and tangible actions that can improve the sustainability of your school. It’s a really professional piece of work!


We love your ambition in tackling the areas where you scored lower in the Environmental Review. This shows you have a confident Eco-Committee dedicated to maximising their impacts. Your action plan is great! The actions that you planned out were really SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound). This is important as it helps to achieve progress and empower your Eco-Committee. It was also great to see accountability and monitoring and evaluation clearly marked in your Action Plan. Great work!


We’re really impressed at how you’ve linked environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas. This approach looks at the big issue of climate change in a holistic way, which is the best approach to understanding and appreciating the enormity of the issue. Great work!


You've clearly looked externally and engaged with different projects and organisations. This is a great example of the collaborative approach we will all need to adopt to combat climate change - your application made us feel really positive for the future. We love how active your Eco-Committee was in communicating their Eco-Schools activity school-wide. School council boards, sharing and discussing meeting minutes in class, delivering assemblies, using the School Dojo and the school website, and updating in the newsletter…wow! This is really strong informing and involving and shows how valued and embedded the Eco-Schools programme is in your school.


The parent quote is a great testament to the work that you are doing with your Eco-Committee. It’s great to see that parents are noting how their children’s knowledge and confidence is growing as a result of their work on the programme. This is incredibly heartening.


Your Eco-Board is a lovely celebration of your Eco-Committee’s hard work! If I could describe it one word, it would be ‘valued’ because it is packed full of information and so obviously the focal point of Eco-Schools in your school! We LOVED seeing the pictures of your pupils hard at work on their Eco-Schools activities. They inspired us!


The pupils have clearly made your school a greener, more welcoming and engaging environmental for themselves and other to be in. Brilliant work. It was lovely to hear how despite COVID you were able to achieve so much, thinking of new ways to inform and involve your entire school community. Everyone involved should be incredibly proud that you have managed to thrive despite such challenging circumstances.


In summary, we think you've produced a great year of work. You've more than earned your Green Flag accreditation!

Summer 1 Term 2022
This term may have been a brief one and the February full council meeting had to be postponed. However the school council has been very focused and achieved a lot.
Collective Worship
In April everyone was reminded and made aware of battery recycling, litter picking, the jubilee, the Marhamchurch Food Fair and where to find all the minutes from meetings.
Eco - Schools
All the working parties have been achieving this term.
  • Litter Picking - we borrowed 15 litter pickers, 5 black sack hoops and hi-viz jackets so more children could be involved at morning and lunch time breaks. There was plenty to pick up, on occasions the outside bins had not been emptied and the birds would come along and look for food. The working party wrote to the cleaners to bring this to their attention.
  • Waste  - each class had a Big Battery Hunt box. Many children took a box home and recycled their batteries. 
  • School Grounds - Gardening Club have been tidying, weeding and planting. It is all looking great! 
Matters Discussed in meetings.
  • Ukraine
  • Wake and Shake
  • Sports
  • Mr Hoare's fundraiser for the London Marathon
  • Lunchtimes
  • Community events
  • Talent Show 2022.
We think the Summer 2 term will be another productive and busy one.
Spring Term 2022

This term has brought some challenges to hold full school council meetings. However we have had numerous informal meetings. Pupil voice has continued throughout this term. School council has been focussed and working very hard. Please see below our achievements –


Collective Worship.

School council updated the whole school with their achievements and current actions. Please see the PowerPoint below.


Eco –Schools Award

  •         Action plan made. Areas to focus on litter, waste and the school grounds. Working parties formed and feeding back to school council to enable monitoring.
  •          school council has  achieved and evidenced  59/100 to achieve the Eco-Schools Green Flag
  •         All teachers asked to evidence any ‘eco’ curriculum links. Three are required. Currently RSPB Schools Birdwatch and Class 3’s beach clean. 
  •         Class 1 held elections in February. These were organised by the Class 5 councillors who will now mentor the younger newly elected councillors.

Beach Clean with Stratton Primary School

  •         March, the beach clean was jointly organised with Ms Marwood and school council. There was a good attendance. Scott Mann MP joined in and the local press attended

Events discussed and organised

  •         World Book Day
  •         Platinum Jubilee
  •         Red Nose Day
  •         Supporting Class 3 with the school trip
  •         Huff ‘n’ Puff equipment – asking everyone what new equipment all the children would wish for.
  •         Ukraine - two children expressed their wish that school should show their support.   A ‘blue & yellow’ day was on 14th March requesting specific donations and 1st April is a ‘bring & buy jointly organised with the PSFA in the village hall.
School Council is all up and running - Autumn Term 2021
The class elections were  held in September 2022, all by secret ballot. Each class has two councillors. Class 1 is represented by two councillors from Class 5, until their elections are held during the Spring term. After this the older children will mentor the newly elected councillors throughout the school year.
During the autumn term  school council has been very busy, they have -
  • edited and agreed to a constitution.
  • had an eco walk around the school and it's grounds.
  • Shortlisted and then consulted the whole school community about a local charity. Bude's 'Born to be Wild' was chosen
  • An Eco-Schools survey was done. This involved completed a questionnaire from Eco-Schools, making observations, asking opinions and gathering data from both staff and children. From this an 'action plan' will be made.
  • In contact with Stratton Primary School, to work on a joint project.
  • Working Parties have organised a MacMillan Coffee Morning, Poppy Day art for the village, Children in Need fundraiser and a competition to switch on Marhamchurch village's Christmas tree.
  • Any other business, is always discussed at meetings and actions are decided. So far this has included a further reading after Karate Reading has been completed, school trips, a tuck shop, 'diamond diners', cycle track and swimming. 
A New School Council for a New School Year

Every child in school is invited to represent their class as a school councillor. They need to complete a manifesto; which is named on the back only. These are displayed in class to be read and considered by everyone. The election is a secret ballot and the child's manifesto remains anonymous. This enables the voting to be on what the children hear and believes is the best!

Dates and Details

Meeting dates
  • 27th September (elections by 24th September)
  • W/C 18th October
  • W/C 15th November
  • W/C 6th December
  • W/C 24th January
  • W/C 14th February
  • W/C 14th March
  • W/C 4th April
  • W/C 9th May
  • W/C 13th June
  • W/C 4th July

This year we are working towards Eco Schools awards which is a very exciting venture.
Please find a manifesto for completion below.
Blank Manifesto 2021 - 2022
Our self evaluation for 2020 - 2021. Everyone was invited to share their thoughts.